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There's no greater gift than giving someone else the chance to have the baby they've been wishing for. We honor your remarkable generosity. At Prelude, we treat you with the utmost care. We respect your schedule, health and well-being, and compensate you for your time and effort.

Here’s How It Works

Egg donation involves removing a few eggs from a woman (donor) who is healthy and fertile. Using our proprietary technology, we freeze your eggs to make them available for use by people wishing to become parents who can’t make a baby on their own.

Once you complete the online application, we will schedule an appointment to evaluate your overall and reproductive health, genetic history and psychological well-being (at no charge to you).
If approved as a potential donor, the Prelude donor team will arrange for a consultation to evaluate your overall fertility health.
If you are found to be an ideal egg donor candidate, and want to proceed, you will begin the initial process and preparation for egg stimulation. This means you'll be given medication and monitored for approximately two weeks before your eggs are retrieved.
After your eggs are retrieved, a follow up appointment is scheduled to ensure you're comfortable, happy and healthy.

Where It Happens

When and if you decide to donate your eggs, you'll be able to find the right center among our highly qualified nationwide network of fertility centers.

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Your Compensation

The total compensation that you will receive varies due to rules set by each state governing egg donor compensation. Click there to start your application, then we can provide detailed information about compensation in your state.

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