Freeze Your Eggs

Options Preserved

Find that right person. Pursue your career. Finish your education. When you bank your eggs, you take the pressure off.

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The Latest Science for the Best Results

Work with our care team to design a fertility plan that's right for you. Using the most effective tools available today, our renowned reproductive specialists will help you build your family.

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Use Donor Eggs

Love Makes a Family

Fertility is a winding journey. But you really do find your family in the end. When donor eggs are an option, no one has a larger inventory than we do, with more access to details about each thoroughly screened donor.

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Donate Eggs

Help a Family Make a Family

Make someone else's dream of parenthood come true. It is one of the most generous things you can do. At Prelude, we treat you with the utmost care. We respect your time, health and well-being.

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Our Network

Our physicians, staff, and researchers help make Prelude the leader in reproductive science and technology. With clinics and partners across the country, we can help you have healthy babies wherever you live, whenever you’re ready.

Over 44,000 babies and counting have been born within our network of patients

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Hoping to usher in a world where women’s decisions about family and career aren’t ruled by their biological clocks.

It used to be that women had few options, but not anymore

Stop the hands of the biological clock with Prelude

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