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Meet Prelude Fertility, The $200 Million Startup That Wants To Stop The Biological Clock

By: Miguel Helft – Forbes

The New Year of Optimism for Femtech

By: Jill Richmond – Forbes

Can This Startup Stop the Biological Clock

By: Dr. Jennifer Ashton – Good Morning America, ABC News

Good Morning America Weekend Edition: IVF Treatment and Egg-Freezing Costs Could Go Down?

By: Dr. Jennifer Ashton – Good Morning America Weekend Edition, ABC News

End of the Biological Clock?

By: David Mills – Healthline

Prelude Fertility aims to give women and couples a choice on the timing of a family

By: Mike Butcher - TechCrunch

A startup that raised $200 million wants you to think about fertility long belong you want to start a family

By: Lydia Ramsey – Business Insider

A serial entrepreneur explains why starting a company ‘has to be the only option in your life’

By: Noah Friedman – Business Insider

Prelude’s Martin Varsavsky on 21st century family planning

By: Rachel Botsman – Financial Review

Everyone’s Talking About

By: Kia Kokalitcheva – Fortune

Fertility Company Launches with Back from Lee Equity

By: Wall Street Journal

Prelude Fertility: Helping couples have children when they are ready

By: Brooke Graham – Fox 13 The Place

So You Think Your Boys Can Swim? Why More Men Need to Consider Their Own Fertility

By: Shira Hirshman Weiss – The Huffington Post

September is National PCOS Awareness Month, And Here’s What Experts What You To Know

By: Natalia Lusinski - Bustle

Prelude Fertility is focused on improving people’s chances of having healthy babies when they’re ready

By: Keisha Lancelin – Focus Atlanta

Possible Fertility Revolution Born in Jewish Atlanta

By: Michael Jacobs – Atlanta Jewish Times

Meet Martín Varsavsky’s Prelude Fertility, The $200 Million Startup That Wants To Stop The Biological Clock

By: Jewish Business News

American Society of Reproductive Medicine with Martin Varsavsky

By: Park City Television

Meet the $200 Million Startup That Unwinds a Woman’s Biological Clock; Dr. Oz Joins Board

By: Mark Terry – Biospace

But daddy, how are babies made?

By: Martin Varsavsky - LinkedIn

New Startup Prelude Fertility Give Couples Choice To Have a Baby When Ready

By: Edge Ison – iTech Post

In-Depth: Digital health innovation in fertility and women’s health – not so niche anymore

By: Heather Mack – Mobi Health News

Women Deserve the Facts About Egg Harvesting

By: Ashley McGuire – Family Studies

All Your Eggs in One Startup

Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell – Tech News 2Night


200 million dollars for a startup offering “postdated” pregnancies

By: George Batter – Start Upper

The ‘start up’ that intended to have children without having sex

By: David Justo – Cadena SER

Prelude, a ‘start up’ to have children without sex

By: Rosa Jimenez Cano – El Pais

Company argues that the second sexual revolution … is sexless

By: La Razon

Startup 200 million. Capital hopes to stop the biological clock

By: Profit.BG

Telediario Newscast

By: A la Carta Television y Radio

The children will only do the head

By: Eduardo Winery – La Opinion de Malaga

A company offers to have children without sex to fertile people

By: La Opinion de Tenerife

Fertility Prelude, the startup founded by Martin Varsavsky, up 182 million euros

By: Jose Maria Torrego – El Referente